Our mission is to provide an alternative head covering to those that need one.  These wearable works of art are created all over the world by both talentad artists as well as those new to the worlds of tie-dying.  Together we strive to make a difference by providing a little love and color to those who need it.

Grateful Heads volunteers create & donate head coverings free of cost to patients world wide, providing a little color to folks in their darkest time. When patients lose their hair to chemotherapy, they have very few options for a head covering.  A wig, scarf, or plain old bandana is about all that is available for them.

The goal of Grateful Heads is to create a worldwide movement that supports patients in need at the local level. While we do organize a yearly Tie-Dye Camp, most of our activities are to support volunteers who organize local tie-dye events that generate head coverings that are then donated to local patients and treatment centers.

If you or someone you know is undergoing treatment and is in need of a head covering, or if you know of a treatment center that would like donations for their patients, please contact us.  Also contact us if you are interested in learning how to volunteer at your local level.